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We have HTTP API to get volume, surface area, thumbnail image, build time and bounding box. NEW! Secure 3D View API for precious 3D meshes NEW! Comes with a free WordPress Plugin client !

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Fast and optimized

We will take care of your compute needs. Manifold 3D API is designed to help your team stay focused on printing operations.

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Well Documented

Beautiful documentation exposed as interactive Swagger document. Reference client implementations available in multiple languages.

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Easy Integration

Integrate with the API on your backend or frontend. Alternatively do a rapid integration with our embedded pricing widget.

Upload your 3D model!

Choose a 3D file (STL, 3DS, OBJ format).

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Computational results

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3D metrics

Volume Surface area Bounding box Build time Status


Secure 3D view

Interactive 3D viewer

Monitor your API usage via the User Dashboard

Plan ahead by day, week, or month, and see your quota status at a glance. Upgrade your subscription plan or add a top-up to make up for this month.

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Pricing Widget

Easily embed the pricing widget into your page

The pricing widget is the fastest way to integrate with Manifold 3D API. Simply embed the iframe code into your page's HTML, add your API key to get started!

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Calculate the cost of 3D printed objects

Make one POST request : Get five calculation results. Costs you less than 1 cent. We charge 0% commission on your sales. Your shed, your price!


3D volume of the material used for making the object.

Surface Area

Account for the correct painting / finishing / casting cost.

Bounding Box

Identify the right printer bed size and the packaging size to ship that thing!

Build Time

Estimated time for 3D printing the object.

Thumbnail Images

XY, YZ and ZX projections rendered for your 3D object.

Secure 3D View

Allow buyers to interact with your precious 3D object without risking your source files!

Simple, fast and efficient. Can't ask for something better than what is delivered.
STLStats engine client
the program was useful and fantastic, technical support ... very reactive and timely. i would suggest it everybody. thanks ... team
STLStats engine client

Manifold 3D API subscriptions

We have plans for every pocket size. Choose the one that is right for you!

100 calls /month
  • No setup fees.
  • Customer support.
  • All updates are automatic.
  • Multi-format support.
  • Pricing widget.
1600 calls /month
  • No setup fees.
  • Customer support.
  • All updates are automatic.
  • Multi-format support.
  • Pricing widget.
3200 calls /month
  • No setup fees.
  • Customer support.
  • All updates are automatic.
  • Multi-format support.
  • Pricing widget.
10000 calls /month
  • No setup fees.
  • Customer support.
  • All updates are automatic.
  • Multi-format support.
  • Pricing widget.
21000 calls /month
  • No setup fees.
  • Customer support.
  • All updates are automatic.
  • Multi-format support.
  • Pricing widget.


Account, Subscriptions and Service

What is the Widget ?

The Widget is the quickest way to enable your website to do 3D printing calculations. Simply add this code to your page:

<iframe src="https://manifold.metamatic.us/widget/?api_key=your-API-key&host=https://manifold.metamatic.us" width="600px" height="600px" frameborder="1px"> </iframe>

Configure your widget from the Dashboard And you are golden :) Write to us at sales@metamatic.us to know more!

Do you support WordPress integration?

Yes! We offer a free WordPress plugin client!
The WordPress Plugin client is available in the Github repo: wp-manifold.zip

To use it:

  1. Upload, install and activate the plugin to your WordPress
  2. Go to settings and enter your API key
  3. Use the following short-code:
    on any Page/Post to render a 3D calculations form.
  4. Test the API by uploading a 3D STL file via the form.

More example implementations:
Example client implementations in these languages are also provided for your reference:
PHP, JS, Java, Python clients in the GitHub repo

How can I monitor my API / account usage ?

Monitor the API usage via your Dashboard
You can see the following account details:

  • Balance calls
  • Plan name
  • Plan expiry date, etc

Do you have any documentation ?

Yeah, we have this Swagger-generated, interactive documentation on the API endpoints:

You can test the API by following these steps:

  1. POST request: Specify the API key > Choose a 3D STL file > Click 'Try it out!'

  2. GET request : Enter the task id > Click 'Try it out!' > See results

Can I use cURL to make API calls ?

Sure you can! Here's how:

POST the computation job:

curl -X POST \
-F "api_key=$api_key" \
-F "datafile=@$data_file" --url $base_url

GET the computation results:

curl -X GET --url "$base_url?task_id=$task_id"

Example response:

  "facet_count": {
    "UOM": "#",
    "value": 796
  "bbox": {
    "UOM": "mm",
    "value": {
      "height": 9.0,
      "length": 82.85900115966797,
      "width": 62.0
  "image": {
    "value": "/media/manifold/render/d265d6f9-5e02-4ae5-853b-46e8ab20ebc8.png"
  "error": null,
  "time": {
    "UOM": "s",
    "value": {
      "min": 168.7331635010258,
      "max": 506.1994905030774
  "area": {
    "UOM": "mm2",
    "value": 4679.713492961474
  "volume": {
    "UOM": "mm3",
    "value": 4049.5959240246193

What is the Secure 3D View API ?

When an object is displayed in a web browser the source 3D model file is downloaded to the client machine. The source file can easily get stolen.

If you have a web-store for precious 3D meshes such as jewelry design, custom wearable design or industrial equipment design then this is an ideal solution for you to thwart piracy and protect your IP.

Upload your 3D model to Manifold via the /render API and get secure 3D viewable content that be displayed in the web-browser without exposing the source 3D model file.

Check out the demo to see this API in action!

Do you have any questions?

Would be happy to hear how I can help you out.


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